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Cat Feeding Station Fly Proof and Dog Deterring (Fly Proof & Dog Deterent)

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Product Details
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Product Features
  • Made in Great Britain, All materials are of EU Origin. Weatherproof so could be used outdoors.
  • Includes cat flap, supply only for you to install.
  • Good quality materials, aluminium composite material manufactured in Germany. Material is Gloss white on one side and matt white on the other, let us know if you want gloss on the inside or the outside
  • Supplied as a flat pack that slots together, assembly and fitting cat flap takes approx 15 mins
  • Fly Proof and Dog Deterring, ventilation holes and fly screen fixed on the inside
Product Description
A Fly Proof Cat Feeding Station, keeps flies off cat food whilst allowing your cat access to it. Std door cat flap fitted. 2 Versions, one more open with more fly screen, the other less open with small holes for ventilation and too small for dogs to paw at, with fly screen on the inside of the holes. To assemble the box you stand a side up, the front slots onto the pegs then you push it down to lock the pegs in place, then put the other side on, then the rear, then the top is slid over the pegs and back to lock into place and that's it assembled. First customer review was put on our feedback page ' This item was actually changed by the sellers after consulting me whether I needed it to be dog proof (which I did!). It is made of aluminium walls that slot together with a 'ceiling' and is quite solid. Our cat took a few days but is very happy now with her new dog safe feeding arrangements! Photos to follow.'

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