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Cat Tree Sophie White 205cm Large Scratching Post Cat Tree Activity Centre Pet Furniture Cat Scratcher Natural Sisal

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Product Details
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Product Features
  • With many features
  • Natural sisal rope on the scratching posts
  • Covered with soft plush
  • Stable, freestanding, large activity centre for cats
  • Dimensions: about 58 x 70 x 205 cm
Product Description
The XXL cat scratching post "Sophie" by eyepower is equipped with many extras and is a true all-rounder, who invites your pet to play, hide, scratch and relax. Due to its form suits the huge play tower perfectly to a corner of any room. He is over two meters high and therefore also offers several cats at the same time a lot of sleeping, hiding, climbing and viewing stations.
The huge, made of plush cave is very cozy, ideal for resting. The platforms are covered with soft plush. The sisal posts are bound with genuine sisal and thus ensure an optimal claw care.
The highlight is the big cozy loft bed - the best sleeping area and much-loved from cats. The mounted under the cave sisal cord animate to play. The rotating scraper roller on the base plate provides huge fun and is perfect for sharpening claws. The comfortable sleeping basket is ideal to relax and can be used as a comfortable bed.

Product features:
- Dimensions: about 85 x 70 x 205 cm
- Stable, 2m high scratching post in a triangular shape
- Equipped with many extras
- Suitable for multiple cats
- Particularly suitable for installation in corners
- All platforms are covered with soft plush

- Sisal posts are tied with natural sisal rope

- Large cat cave
- Cozy loft bed

1 x bottom platform: about 85 x 70 cm
1 x cat cave: about 40 x 40 x 30 cm
1 x platform with tunnel: about 60 x 35 cm
1 x center platform: about 58 x 28 cm
2 x round platform: about 30 cm Ø
1 x tunnel: about 22 x 20 cm Ø
1 x sleeping basket: about 30 cm Ø
1 x top bed: about 35 x 18 cm Ø
1 x sisal scratching role: about 17 x 7.5 cm Ø
1 x mounting set

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