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Dr Nezix® 2 in 1 Tube Cat Mat and Bed, Cat Sleeping Bag Self-Warming Kitty Sack Beige, Pet Accessories

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Product Details
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    Dr Nezix
Product Features
  • Comfy, warm and cozy. Cats love hiding, playing and lounging in the tunnel design.
  • Thicker outer ring lets cat mat stand up. Self-heating thermal core keeps cats warm.
  • 2-in-1 comfy cat mat. Unzip to convert in seconds from a tube bed to a full size cat mat.
  • Electrostatic plush material attracts shedding hair to keep furniture and carpets fur-free. Great for couches, chairs, beds, floors, cars and perches.
  • Portable, lightweight and Machine-washable. Large enough for small-to-medium dogs too.
Product Description
Dr Nezix 2 in 1 Cat Mat is the cozy and warm cat bed that traps unwanted hair.
Our 2-in-1 Cat Mat converts from a tube bed into a full size mat in a second - just unzip!
It also features a Thermo-Reflective Core that reflects your cat's body heat to keep your feline warm. As a mat, it can be used on the couch, the floor, your bed, or virtually any other flat surface that your cat may want to recline on.
This in 1 Cat Mat is machine washable so it won't be hard for you to clean whenever it gets covered with hair and dander.

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