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Snowflake Tablecloth Bedspread Crochet Motif Pattern Two Ways to Join for Different Looks

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This versatile medallion may be used in a variety of ways. We recommend it first of all for a tablecloth, with a matching buffet scarf or three piece buffet set. It would be equally lovely as a dresser scarf with matching vanity set. For the living room make a chair set to fit your furniture by joining these lacy medallions for chair back and arm pieces.

They are charming as a refreshment set with a doily like that shown in the illustration for the pitcher mat, and single medallions for glass mats. Still other uses are as doilies, or for a center runner and individual place mats for the table.

Use thread suited to your purpose. We suggest string weight thread for the refreshment set in pastel tones, in ecru or beige for the chair set. For the table cloth, use size 30 ecru, beige, or white mercerized crochet cotton and a No. 11 steel hook. The medallion will measure about 3-1/2 inches in diameter and requires approximately 18 yards of thread. If you work loosely, use a finer hook than that recommended.

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