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FiNeWaY@ Pet Kitten Corner Sisal Wall Scratcher Cats Hanging Cat Scratching Post Board

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Product Details
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Product Features
  • Helps to replenish cats claws. Dimensions(Approx): 23cm x 43cm.
  • Proven to help keep your cats healthy by replenishing their claws & prevent related problems.
  • Brand New And High Quality. Natural Hard Wearing Sisal Material.
  • Great for protecting your furniture & wallpaper from damage.
  • Corner Cat Scratching Board. Many different uses. Keeps cats away from furniture, curtains, wallpaper etc.
Product Description
Save your furniture by providing your cat with an appropriate and attractive place to scratch! It is important for a cat to have a durable scratching post. Cats need scrating posts to help them tone their muscles, to remove nail sheaths from their claws, and to relieve stress. The Corner wall scratcher is made with durable woven sisal in a 18" length design. The Cat Wall Scratcher can be hung from a wall with screws. you can also use the scratcher as a free laying scrating board.

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