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Spoilt Rotten Pets - BATMAN DESIGN - Could Your Cat Be Batman's Side Kick - Super Hero Design Bat Cat Collar. Safety Buckle, Designed & Made In The UK

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    Spoilt Rotten Pets
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Product Features
  • Easy slide adjustment from 17cm to 26cm so every Spoilt Rotten Cat can wear one. To fit growing kittens, petite girls or a big boy toms.
  • Sing along - "Dunner, Dunner, Dunner, Dunner - Dunner, Dunner, Dunner, Dunner, BatCat!!" - For those who prefer a fun, modern look for their feline friends, the Spoilt Rotten Pets Cat Collar Range is the cat's meow. Just the thing for cats with personality.
  • A Spoilt Rotten Pets Cat Collar is designed with a safety breakaway clasp for those that like to get into trouble! A little firmer to breakaway than most - whilst still ensuring the catch opens under pressure. A removable jingle bell also comes as standard.
  • Strong Yet Comfortable Soft Webbing - Collars Made & Designed In House At The Spoilt Rotten Work Shop - Authentic Spoilt Rotten Pets Trade Marks and Copyrights
Product Description
Made in The UK by Spoilt Rotten Pets in our Hampshire Workshop. Top quality parts and fixings.

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