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Sticky Paws Furniture Strips

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Product Details
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Product Features
  • Transparent tape is easy to apply and remove from all furniture
  • Easy to apply & remove. Use on countertops, drapes, carpets, anywhere you do not want kitty to be
  • Stop cats from destroying furniture. (24) strips per package 11.75" x 1.75"
Product Description
There are 2 sticky paws furniture strips on each coloured base sheet. Each strip is approx 11.75 x 1.75 inch or 29 x 4.5 centimetre in size. Protective backing on each strip features a thin cut down the middle, to allow for crack-n-peel application. Use on counter tops, stereo speakers, drapes and carpets.....anywhere you don't want kitty to be. Step 1: Remove single sticky paws furniture strip from base sheet by gently peeling from top down. Sticky side of strip is now exposed underneath with whote application crack-n-peel paper on top. Step 2: Position strips sticky side down wherever needed, on furniture, curtains, etc. (please see caution below) Press firmly from top to bottom until strip has adhered to affected area. Step 3: With Sticky paws furniture strip in place, crack-n-peel away remaining layer of protective backing. The sticky paws strip will adhere to the desired surface. For best results, replace every 10 days. To remove: Simply peel off by hand. Sticky paws are made with medical grade adhesive. Strips are safe for both furniture and cats when use as directed and wont leave a sticky residue

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