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Cat Repellent Animal Repeller Solar Animal Repellent Scarer Ultrasonic Solar Powered Cat Repeller Outdoor Waterproof Application in Yard, Lawn, Garden, Park and Farm

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Product Details
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Product Features
  • 【Cover & Range】 The movement sensor covers a 110 degree angle left and right, as well as a 55 degree arc up and down, up to a distance of up to 8m (26ft), so that a total area of up to 90 square meters is monitored. The quality of the detection depends on the animal size (the larger the animal, the larger the range).
  • 【Solar powered drives with rechargeable batteries】 The device is charged by a polysilicon solar collector to store energy for operation in the dark as night. (4 rechargeable batteries are installed)
  • ATTENTION: For humans, a part of the frequency range is audible (16 ~ 20kHz). This is no cause for concern. Please place the pet distributor as far away from the living area as possible. Do not install the unit in areas where children and babies are playing.
  • 【IP44 waterproof & weatherproof】 The unique seal and design allows you to attach the device anywhere. This outdoor pet distributor operates day and night, 24-hour. Ideal for the outdoors such as gardens, shipyards, terraces, garages, driveways, terraces, farms, ponds but also roof tops, etc. Ideal for protecting your property! ※ Note: Please do not completely soak in water.
  • 【Solar-powered ultrasoni animal repellent】The Repeller gets rid of all animal and pest through emitting a mixture of ultrasonic, sonic and powerful flashing LED strobe lights, frightening the pests/animals to leave the area. No messy chemicals or pesticides, no traps, no dead animals.Human and enevironment friendly.
Product Description
Non-toxic & environment-friendly. You do not have the mess of cleaning the dead animals. This
product drives the animals away instead of killing them. It does not use any hazardous chemicals
and is definitely a safer household solution.

Product Features:
Infrared sensor angle: 110 degrees
Detection range: 5-8 meters depending on animals size (the bigger size, the larger range)
Power supply: solar power +4x AA size rechargeable batteries
Red LED: indicates the unit is activated.

6 Mode includes:
Mode 0: OFF
Mode 1: 13.5KHZ-20KHZ to repel animals such as mice, rats, dogs, foxes, martens etc
Mode 2: 20KHZ-25KHZ to repel animals such as cats, raccoons, badgers, skunks etc
Mode 3: 25KHZ-34.5KHZ to repel animals such as bats, birds, rodents etc
Mode 4: strong flashing lights to repel animals such as raccoon, boar, marten etc
Mode 5: 13.5KHZ-40KHZ. All functions working, sweep frequency from mode 1-model 2 -model 3, and turn on strong flashing.

Warm Tips:
1. It happens that human can hear part of its range. So put the device as far as possible from
human life place. Do not install the device in a children and baby playing ground area.
2. Do not cover up the PIR sensor
3. To clean the device, use damp-soft and mild soap with water. Do not use harsh chemicals or
abrasive cleaning agents that may damage the device.

Package Contents:
1x YIPIN Ultrasonic Animal Repeller
2x Spike Shaft
1x User Manual

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