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Silent Roar Natural Fertiliser & Cat Deterrant 500G

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Product Details
Product Features
  • 100% Natural & Non Toxic
  • 500G
  • Used as a Cat Repellent or Organic Nitrogen based fertiliser
  • Clay pellets soaked in real essence of lion dung & sterilised
Product Description
This is Silent Roar nitrogen based fertilizers and cat deterrent. The pellets are soaked in the real essence of lion dung and then dried and sterilized. Cats are territorial therefore will avoid your garden when they smell the lion. This is a environmentally green product which contains no artificial chemicals, one application can last up to 3 months at the time, depending on the weather. Supplied as a 500g box - a new and improved formula. This is a non-toxic product although you should wear gloves when handling the product.

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