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Elevated Dog & Cat Feeder by Fox & Fern - 4" Raised Pet Bowls Stand from Bamboo Wood - Cats and Dogs Feeding Station - Whisker Fatigue Proof - Mid Century Modern - Indent version

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Product Details
  • Manufacturer:
    Fox & Fern
Product Features
  • WHISKER RELIEF BOWLS - Reduces whiskey fatigue/stress. With the round-bottom, shallow bowls, the food remains in the middle so the cat's whiskers are not under pressure.
  • NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE TO KOCK OVER - Despite the light weight of the stand, its wide base makes sure it remains standing up and keeps your floor clean.
  • BPA FREE ACRYLIC BOWLS - The bowls are made from acrylic instead of plastic. This means they are BPA free and absolutely safe to eat from.
  • EASY TO REFILL AND CLEAN - Easily take out the bowls and clean/refill them.
  • MAKES YOUR PET COMFORTABLE AND REDUCES NECK STRAIN - The raised platform takes away discomfort and pain, especially for cats/dogs with arthritis or neck/back problems.
Product Description
Raised Pet Feeder Stand for cats and small dogs. Made of bamboo and includes acrylic bowl. THIS VERSION INCLUDES FINGER HOLES NEXT TO THE BOWLS (SEE THE PICTURE).

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