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Mari Home - Large Grey Steel Letterbox Post Box Wall Mounted Outdoor Exterior Lockable Mail Box - 38 x 34 x 14 cm (Length x Width x Depth)

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Product Details
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    Mari Home
Product Features
  • LARGE CAPACITY - It's easy for the mailman to slot your letters and parcels. MARI HOME's letter storage box has the right aperture size and enough space to receive A4 size letters, documents, brochures. magazines, and small packages.
  • SAFE & SECURE - This post box with lock comes with 2 keys. MARI HOME will keep your private letters secure from theft and vandalism. Also protects your mails from getting chewed by dogs or cats.
  • EASY INSTALLATION - Mount this box into walls or doors with ease. With pre-drilled holes and a mounting kit, you can do the installation yourself. And if your moving to a new location, simply detach this wall mountable post box for continuous use.
  • 24/7 ACCESS - Worry no more if the mail has arrived. Whether you're on a trip or busy with work, rest assure the mails are in the letter box outside your door. And compared to having a PO box, you got constant access anytime, any day.
  • STRONG BUILD - Your postbox is a part of your house, so it must exude a good impression. Our weatherproof post box sports a minimalist design. With its steel construction, regardless of the conditions, your mail will remain dry and intact.
Product Description
When was the last time you received an old-fashioned snail mail? It could be a party invitation or a letter from a friend who moved to a new place. In our younger years, getting such mails used to be an exciting thing. In today's age, snail mails are no longer prevalent as they used to be. Still, not everything can be sent digitally. In fact, many businesses still rely on regular mails for sending bills, invoices, documents, catalogues, even delivery supplies. No matter how tied you are to e-mails and chat apps, there is still a place for snail mails. And to ensure you get your mails in good condition, your mailbox must be up to the task. Spacious. Simple. Sturdy. The Wall Mounted A4 Letter Box by MARI HOME will keep your mails safe and secure. Our wall-mounted mailboxes are made of powder-coated steel, making them robust, waterproof depositories for incoming mails. Your mails are protected from the rain, wind, and sun. The slot size has the right size that the postman won't encounter problems inserting parcels into the aperture. The internal space is so roomy, it got enough capacity to hold A4-size letters, magazines, and small packages. With its lock-and-key feature, MARI HOME mailbox provides protection against mail theft and vandalism. In a funny way, it will also keep your mails away from pets who simply love to gnaw on whatever they touch. Whether you like to revive the snail mail tradition or you just want your private mails secure, you'll never go wrong by choosing Wall Mounted A4 Letter Box by MARI HOME. Add it to your basket TODAY!

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