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Cat Toilet Training | How to Toilet Train Your Cats or Kitten in 7 Simple Steps Like Princess Peanut

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************PARENTAL ADVISORY************

The words and phrases: "poo," "taking a dump," "terd," and even the word "sh*t" will be used twice in this book. There will also be pictures of cats going to the washroom. If you find this offensive, then this book is not for you, and there will be no sugar-coating...

We recently toilet trained our little ball of fur, Princess Peanut, and now we can enjoy a litter-box free fresh-smelling home. In the process, we have saved plenty of money and we can avoid those unwanted arguments about who’s turn it is to clean up after the cat. Know the best part about all of this? We completed the entire process in less than 3 months! Yes, that’s right. Less than 3 months. We’re so proud of our little Princess Peanut that we want to share our experience with you.

So What Will You Learn?
Cat Toilet Training can be broken down into 7 key steps and you’re seconds away from discovering each of these seven easy steps right here in this book. We’ll explain what each step entails and include detailed instructions along the way. You will need to prepare your resources with plenty of cat treats, flushable kitty litter, and a progressive training kit available at pet stores and on

Tired of the Cost of Cleaning Litter Boxes?
  • After reading this book you will save thousands in litter & supplies...
  • The stench will never be detected in your home again!
  • You can impress all your cat loving friends with how smart your kitty is...
  • Toilet train your cat in less than 3 months...

Start Saving Money & Stop Cleaning Litter Boxes Right Now.

As an owner of cats throughout most of my life, I never really thought about the use of litter boxes until I moved from a house to my Condo recently. Because I’ve noticed the smell so much more, and the space is smaller, I began searching out an alternative. I bought this guide in the hopes that it could help remedy my dilemma. I’m so happy to say that so far, it is working just as stated. My cat is already on the second ring of the CitiKitty training seat and he’s on his way to the next. This guide showed me exactly what I needed to do in order to get him there and I’m thankful for the relative ease of this transition. I really don’t think I could have done this without the information received. I’ve had only two mistakes so far and they were both mine (gotta remember to leave the seat up).

From full details on preparation and patience, all the way up to cat & human training in a simple seven step process, this book makes the process all too easy. The writing is succinct & devoid of fillers and the authors are an obvious authority on the subject. Lastly, the illustrations were perfect for letting me see the training works and what I should be expecting. If anyone else is looking for a way to toilet train their cat & don’t know what to do, I can wholly attest that this is the perfect manual for illuminating & training you in the most efficient manner possible. – E. A Gray April 9th,2015.

Stop Cleaning the Nasty and Disgusting Litter Box Right Now. Read This Book, and Save Thousands of Dollars in the Long Run...

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