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CatastrophiCreations Fabric Raceway Hammock Lounger Wall-Mounted Cat Shelving, Onyx, Small

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Product Details
  • Color:
    English Chestnut / Natural
  • Manufacturer:
    Catastrophic Creations LLC -- Dropship
  • Release:
  • Model:
Product Features
  • Gives cats an outlet for their climbing needs
  • Hand-crafted beautiful & functional pet furniture
  • Perfect play structure to bring out the acrobat in your cat
Product Description
Our cats use these raceways to run around the house and to lounge on. The hammock section is 34. 25 cm wide and is perfect for most medium or small-sized cats. On the contrary, our large boy ickle enjoys laying on the upper area of this raceway hammock. Even though he is a pretty large cat, he prefers the snug fit of this bed.

we use solid wood for the shelving and mounting posts, and thick heavy weight canvas for the hammocks. All of thee attached for easy installation, and all of our furniturees with screws. Each fabric section has been tested to hold 28 kg, and each wooden plank has been tested to hold 38 kg.

each raceway is built to be mounted among three consecutive 16³ studs. If your studs are spaced differently, 3/16-inch toggle bolts can be purchased for mounting into drywall.

dimensions: total width: 86 cm, total height: 40. 5 cm, depth: 28 cm

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