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Vesper V-Base Walnut, Cat Furniture Tree

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Product Features
  • Scratching pole
  • Cube cave with one platform
  • Infuses colour into the cat's life
  • Ball toy made of rattan
  • Water based lacquer and mdf
Product Description

The basic model of the vesper cat furniture will infuse colour into your life and the life of your cat!
The combination of natural scratching surfaces and MDF makes the piece of furniture attractive and sturdy; the plush cushions are inviting and cuddly. The V-Base is the ideal place for your cat to play or rest.


  • Cube cave with one platform
  • Water based lacquer and MDF
  • Scratching Pole
  • Ball toy made of rattan


  • Base: 56 x 56 cm or 22.1 x 22.1"
  • Height: 81.5cm or 32.1"

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