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Cat Scratching Pole Scratch Post Activity Centre Play Toys Climbing Sisal Mouse and ball 40cm Playpost Toy Mouse Cats Claws Tree

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Product Details
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Product Features
  • Material: - Sisal Hemp and MDF
  • This Cat Scratching Pole is manufactured from a durable sisal hemp and consists of 3 mice and a ball
  • Product Dimensions: - 30.3cm x 41cm x 3cm
Product Description
Cat Scratching Pole High quality, durable home cat scratching post with fake Mice toys attached. Swinging toy also attached

• The cat scratching pole is perfect for use at home so cats can enjoy scratching without ruining furniture or curtains etc.
• Cats scratch to condition their claws and to stretch so it is advisable to provide a suitable post or pole.
• The pole is tough and durable and is finished with cute mice and a ball on a string to add extra pleasure for the cat.
• Product dimensions:Height 40cm (approx). , Base diameter 29cm. ,Approx. 1.100kg.

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