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Curver Carrier 51 x 38 x 33 cm, White

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Product Features
  • We have developed a full range of accessories to organise all your animal products in a handy and stylish way!
  • Air/ventilation holes
  • Beautiful design
  • Anti-slip rim
  • Ideal for your pet
Product Description
Curver Petlife Travel Basket
Curver Petlife Travel Basket is made to transport your cat. The Curver Travel Basket has an extra flap at the top that can be used to feed your cat treats without allowing the cat to escape, to name one example. In addition, the travel basket has a handy door at the front that closes the basket.

Also suitable to use in the car
The Curver Travel Basket is made of strong plastic and has a sturdy handle. Thanks to this handle, the basket can also be attached using a seatbelt. This ensures that the basket is stable in the car and that it is extra safe to transport cats.

Key features
Safe transport: can also be secured using a seatbelt.
Has a door and an extra flap.
Click system to secure the door.
Openings at the top

51 cm long x 38 cm wide x 33 cm high.

Please note
The Curver Travel Basket has a maximum capacity of 7 to 8 kilos.

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