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Personalised Dog or Cat Diamanté Fashion Collar - BLING PU Leather(Bling Pink,XS)

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Product Details
  • Color:
    Bling Pink
  • Manufacturer:
Product Features
  • Small Charm : Paw, Crown, Star, Full Heart, Hollow Heart, Flower & Skull -- BIG charm: Bone, Dog
  • Send us a message or leave message in 'Gift message' section with requested NAME & CHARM
  • A unique personalised PU leather dog collar will fit neck size 30cm to 51cm. Width of 1.5cm to 2.5cm
  • XS/S size collar can have a maximum of 6 LETTERS or 5 LETTERS + 1 SMALL CHARM or 4 LETTERS + 1 BIG CHARM (DOG CHARM OR BONE CHARM)
  • M/L size collar can have a maximum of 8 LETTERS or 7 LETTERS and 1 CHARM
Product Description


•Multi-colour choices BLING Pink,BLING Red, BLING Blue, BLING Rose Pink,BLING Gold.

•This is an unique personalised PU leather dog collar which would make a great gift for a pet or pet owner. These collars are sized for both CATS and DOGS. As such, please ensure you use our size guide below to check what size your pet will require.

•Made to order from 4 sizes of collar in quality BLING style PU leather with chrome plated cast buckle and loops, the collar has decorative stitching and can be personalised with diamanté rhinestone nickel plated letters of your choice.

•These are fashion collars and as such should not be used as a restraint when walking or training your pet.

•Our letters are free to move on the name bar and not fixed for your pet's safety and to allow easy removal should they become tangled in your pets fur.

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