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Biospotix 100 Percent Natural Flea and Tick Spot-on Repellent for Cats, 1 ml Pipettes, Pack of 5

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Product Details
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    For Cats
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Product Features
  • No chemicals and insecticide free
  • 17cm x10cm x 1.5cm
  • Can be used on kittens from 12 weeks old
  • 100% Natural Flea & Tick Spot-on
  • 4 weeks protection
Product Description
100% natural solution for external parasites (fleas, ticks, mosquitos, phlebotoms...) It works by breaking the insects respiratory system. 100% safe for humans and pets. Can be used on kittens over 3 months. Contains 5 x 1ml pipette. Lasts for 4 weeks. Use 1 pipette on adult cats.

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