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Cat Repellent Ultrasonic Animal Repeller Solar Battery Operated Motion Activated Outdoor Waterproof Electronic Cat Scarer Deterrent with Ground Stake for Fox, Squirrel, Mice - Yard, Lawn and Farm

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Product Features
  • ✔ EFFORTLESS USING EXPERIENCE: Simply take it out of the box, you can insert the device into the ground, or fix against the wall, or place the top part directly on the flat surface. Then what you need to do is just turning on the device, and it will work automatically.
  • ✔ INFRARED DETECTION DEVICE: Infrared detection device is applied so that the approach of animals would be detected, then ultrasonic wave would be sent out to expel the animals.
  • ✔ ULTRASONIC TECHNOLOGY: Ultrasonic waves can be perceived by animals nearby the device instead of human beings, so it does no harm to human body but keeps unexpected animals(cat, dog, spider, rice, snake Scarer) away effectively!
  • ✔ PRACTICAL DESIGNS: Equipped with solar panel as the power supply, cost effective and eco-friendly. Unsealed design allows it to work under any weather, water resistant, windproof, sun protective and rustless.
  • ✔ PERFECT PERFORMANCE: A strong ultrasonic wave together with a bright flashing LED light would be activated when animals enters the PIR Sensor range then they would feel uncomfortable and run away from the area.
Product Description
It uses the principle of infrared detection. In the detection of small animals, the device issues ultrasonic waves to drive small animals at the same time.
It can help you stay away from nasty stray dogs, stray cats and other small animals' harassment, thus protecting your property, your yard and your garden.

It is a portable design product, so it can be installed in your home, garden, or anywhere in the courtyard.
This product can be used with solar power, and it is only issued 25kHz Ultrasound to drive the animals away without any chemical. Will not do any harm to the human body.
Equipped with infrared detection device and strong flashing LED which can detect the approach of animals and frighten them away.

The beep after opening the switch is normal and it will disappear in a few seconds. When you put the repeller outdoors, if there is any animal, this beep will be accompanied by ultrasound issued together, will have a greater effect to most animals. And the sound can also be heard by humans, reminding people of the unexpected things that are approaching.

Water-proof level: IPX4
Certifications: CE&ROHS
Infrared sensor angle: 110 degrees
MAX detection range: about 315in
Power supply: solar power + 3 x AA size rechargeable batteries

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