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Defenders Jet-Spray Fox Repeller (Motion Sensor Fox, Cat, Squirrel and Heron Deterrent, Deters Garden Pests Humanely, Connects to Garden Hose, Battery Powered)

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Product Features
  • All-weather encapsulated electronics for year round outdoor, garden protection with 2 years UK warranty
  • Deterrent is easy to set up with an adjustable height and coverage area of up to 10 m radius (or 32 feet), creating a protected area of over 100 sq m
  • The sudden movement and jet spray acts as a humane animal scarer, repelling wildlife and teaching them to avoid the area in future
  • 24/7 protection - works day and night without the need for chemicals, poisons or unsightly barriers to protect outdoor, garden areas such as ponds, plants, trees, flowerbeds, hen runs and lawns
  • Motion-activated sprinkler that automatically detects and scares animals and wildlife such as foxes, cats, deer, rabbits, herons, squirrels and other nuisance pests as they approach and repels them with a short spray of water
Product Description
Product details

Defenders Outdoor Jet-Spray Animal Repeller

• Outdoor repeller keeps unwanted animals, such as foxes and cats, away with a spray of water
• Designed with PIR sensor that detects motion from 0-10 metres and fires a spray of water
• Easy to set up, simply connect a standard garden hose
• Can be placed anywhere outdoors thanks to the fitted ground stake
• Requires 4 x AA batteries (not included)

What sort of pests does this device repel?
This outdoor repeller is designed to keep foxes, cats and other animals away from your garden with a spray of water. This device is easy to use - simply connect it to a standard garden hose for the water supply, and fix it anywhere in the ground with the fitted stake.

The device activates using a passive infrared (PIR) motion detector, which functions over a distance of up to ten metres. The PIR sensor is battery powered, which means you can position the unit in the best place in your garden.

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