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Automatic Gravity Cat Food And Water Feeder Waterer Dispenser Set with Collapsible Bowl for Dog Pet Puppy Kitten Big Capacity 3.8 L x 2

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Product Features
  • CONVENIENT DESIGN: Side cut-out handles for easy lifting&cleaning; non-skid rubber feet for secure placement.
  • PACKAGE CONTAINS: 1 Feeder, 1 Waterer and 1 Collapsible Bowl.
  • AUTOMATIC SUPPLY: Natural gravity supply system, no electricity required, Eco friendly & can be used anywhere.
  • MATERIAL: BPA Free. Made of environmentally safe,non-toxic plastic. Protect your pet's health.
  • SINGLE SIZE: 12.2×9×12.6 inches(30×17.5×32 CM), 3.8 L Capacity.
Product Description
User Guide:

To fill feeder, simply unscrew the top lid, and pour up to 12 pounds of any favorite brand of dry pet food into the extra-wide-mouth hopper.
To fill waterer, tip it upside down, pour water through the bottle's mouth, tip it right side up and then attach the base. An innovative connector prevents water from leaking until the bottle is securely attached to the base.
To clean, wash the pet feeder and waterer routinely by hand with warm soapy water, thoroughly rinse, and wipe down with a clean drying cloth or allow to fully air dry. The removable parts and wide-mouth design allow for easy access to effectively clean all the different components, inside and out.

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