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Selections GFA805 Solar Powered Battery Operated Ultrasonic Cat Repeller (Batteries Included)

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Product Details
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    Selections UK
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Product Features
  • Weatherproof, it can be left out in any conditions and installed on a spike or hung in place
  • Activated by a Passive Infrared Sensor that is adjustable for sensitivity
  • Emits Blast of Ultrasonic Sound that scares cats off but does not worry wildlife or humans
  • Rechargable Battery operated (3 x AA batteries Included), Solar Panel charges the unit, USB cable provides top up if needed
  • Unit measures 10.5cm x 10.5cm x 4.5cm
Product Description
Cats coming into a garden can become a real nuisance; it's worrying to see favourite song birds being stalked, not to mention fouling on the lawn and territory marking; but how do you get rid of next doors precious pet without causing offense? Help is at hand with the Selections Ultrasonic Cat Repeller - a PIR (Passive Infrared Sensor) detects the cat's movements and activates an Ultrasonic Blast that scares the cats off. In audible to most humans and harmless to wildlife, the blast is unpleasant enough to keep Cats out of a 6-7m, 22foot radius area for up to 2,000 activations per battery life (the actual time this lasts will vary but if there are 10 activations per day this would last 200 days). The Selections Ultrasonic Cat Repeller has a PIR sensitivity adjuster and a frequency adjuster so it can be aimed at different sizes of animal. If the cats are used to fouling in an area the Repeller may take up to 2 weeks to take affect. The unit is fully water proof and can be left out in all weather conditions; it can be mounted on a spike or hung from a wallOutput Frequency adjustments (from the small dots on the left to the larger dots on the right):Cats, dogs and foxes (from 3 to 6)Squirrels, rodents and insects (from 2 to 7)On the lower frequencies the ultrasonic blast is just about audible to humans Technical Specifications:* Protected area radius 6-7m (22foot)* Infrared sensing angle: 80degrees* Measures 4.5cm x 10.5cm x 10.5cm* Batteries 3 x AA (included)* Battery Life 2000 activations* Sensor 'warm up' 60 seconds* Blue LED activation light* Blast duration - 3 seconds* Out put frequency 10-50KHZ

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