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Aspectek - Yard Sentinel STROBE- Ultrasonic Outdoor Animal Control Pest Repeller Motion Detector - Rodents, Deer, Cats, Dogs, Mice Repellent Device, Includes Extension Cord

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Product Details
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Product Features
  • ULTRASONIC TECHNOLOGY: Adjustable high frequencies that only pests can hear which can be set in multiple modes, including Motion Sensor, Constant or Continuous Sweep
  • INTELLIGENT POWER SYSTEM: AC power takes priority over battery when both are installed. In case of power failure, device will switch to battery backup if batteries are installed
  • WEATHER RESISTANT: Unique seal and design let you place the device anywhere. The Yard Sentinel device comes with 10m (33 ft) extension cord for convenience (battery option included).
  • HUMANE: Harmless ultrasonic sound and flashing strobe annoy pests and drive them safely away.
  • EFFECTIVE PEST CONTROL: Features three (3) pest-repelling technologies: an ultra-strobe light, an audible sonic predator alarm (optional), and an inaudible ultrasonic sound that only pests can hear
Product Description

The Yard Sentinel STROBE's flashing light and ultrasonic sound make it the most effective pest repeller for birds and night time pests.
Use the Yard Sentinel STROBE in your garage, shed, or other dimly lit space to deter unwanted animals. The flashing light and frightening shadows combine with the piercing ultrasonic frequency and optional predator eagle sound to effectively scares away pests.

Use it outdoors to rid your yard of cats, raccoons, skunks, deer, foxes and bats. The ultrasonic sound works during the day while at night you have the added protection of the flashing strobe, which is especially disturbing to animals that prowl after dark. At night, nocturnal animals' eyes become dilated and their senses are heightened. They don't want to be discovered as they track their prey, which makes the strobe especially effective for chasing them away.

Product Features
- Adjustable ultrasonic sound with a wide range of frequencies targeting troublesome pests
- Infrared PIR Motion Sensor detects pests from approx. 50 feet away
- Strobe function is especially effective for repelling night time creatures
- Effective range up to 5,000 square feet
- Battery operated or plug in

How It Works
- Strobe light with sundown sensor creates continuous intimidating flashes that confuse and frighten pests away
- Inaudible to humans, the high pressure ultrasonic sound has an adjustable dial to target different kinds of pests
- Audible predator alarm sounds sounds like a bird of prey and is especially effective on birds and rodents
- Alarm can be turned off or set to low volume to avoid disturbing neighbours in residential areas

About Aspectek
Aspectek is a North American inventor and original manufacturer of various categories of electronic and pest control products for over 25 years.

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