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Get Off 2044406 Cat and Dog Repellent Green Crystals - 640 g

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Product Details
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Product Features
  • Deters pets from fouling and territory marking outside, on grass and hard surfaces.
  • Conditions the cat or dog not to return to the area.
  • Confuses cat or dogs sense of smell
  • Can be used as a training aid
  • Contains Methyl None Key tone. For outdoor use only. Always use biocides safely.
Product Description
GET OFF Lawn Rescue has been specially formulated to neutralise the acid in our pets urine. once your pet has performed its needs on the grass, spray generously in the area and leave GET OFF Lawn Rescue to neutralise the urine converting it into naturalsalts. The salts pass down easily to the roots of the grass where they will nourish the lawn rather than killing the seed, thus avoiding the yellow patches.

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