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Yunt Animal Pest Repellent Waterproof Solar Powered Electronic Ultrasonic Animal Repeller Dog Cat Scarer Deterrent to Protect Home Yard Garden

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Product Details
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Product Features
  • It will detect smartly and work automatically when there is animals to reduce energy consumption, extend the working hours with sweep frequency for reducing adaptability of animal; Clockwise turn the right sensitivity knob of the panel to increase the detection sensitivity gradually for the increasingly larger range of detection
  • It is of portable design, and can be installed in your home, garden, or anywhere of the courtyard. It is powered by the solar concentrator and rechargeable batteries, which uses the solar energy, the renewable clean energy, to save consumption and protect the environment
  • Power by Solar and Waterproof, One full sun charged could be work for 6-8 hours. IPX4 waterproof technology that protects it from wetting when it is exposed to rain. Perfect for yards, patios, basements, garages, attics, porches, gardens, farms, etc. Third, it is a repeller, it just scare and repel animal instead of hurting them
  • It is designed to repel the animal by delivering 13.5kHz-40kHz frequency ultrasonic wave which is beyond the human hearing range and causes and produces no noise pollution. The ultrasonic wave attenuates quickly, and can't penetrate the human body so that no harms are brought to human body. What's more, it doesn't contain any harmful chemical substances that pollute the environment, and can protect rather than harm animal species
  • Adopting infrared detection principle, the infrared LED indicator lights on when the repeller boots. The ultrasonic speakers will work in the first gear state with frequency of 13.5kHz - 20kHz; Frequency adjustment and sensitivity adjustment button, you can adjust the operating frequency and sensitivity to increase the targeted rate animal and protective range
Product Description


1. Speaker: This product can issue with high frequency ultrasound to drive away the animal.

2. PIR motion detector: This is a pyroelectric infrared sensor, when there is a moving animal in the detection range, it can detect it while giving the processor a signal to let the device start working, to send the sound frequency to drive away the animal and the white LED indicator flashes.

3. Red LED indicator: red LED is on when sensing the animals, indicating the working status of the device.

4. White LED flashing light: the white LED flashing light is on when it senses the animals, it flashes 3 times with the flash interval of 1.5 seconds in cycles until the animals leave the protected area for 15 seconds, and the device stops working and entered into standby state.

5.Clockwise adjust the frequency button on the left side of the panel (Frequency), the device's operating mode will be transformed into:

(1): 13.5kHz - 20kHz, for expelling mice, dogs, foxes, mink and so on;

(2): 15.5kHz - 25kHz, for expelling the cats, raccoons, badgers, skunks and so on;

(3): 25kHz - 34.5kHz, for expelling bats, birds, rodents and so on;

(4): White LED lights flash, for expelling raccoons, wild boars, minks and so on;

(5): 13.5kHz - 40kHz, with white LED flashback function on, for expelling all the animals listed above.

Technical Parameters:

1. Power supply: 6.5V£¬0.1W Amorphous Silicon solar panels

2. Battery: 4 ¡Á AA 800mAh rechargeable battery

3. Battery material: Ni-MH, charge once for use of 6 to 8 hours

4. Effective distance: 6-8M (depending on weather and environment)

5. Detection angle: 110 ¡ã horizontal (depending on the weather around)

6. Waterproof rating: IPX4.

7. Certificate: CE & ROHS

8. Material: ABS

9. Product Size(approx.): head: 11 * 14 * 4.8cm / 4.33 * 5.51 * 1.89in, overall height: 44cm / 17.32in

Packing list:

1 * Manual

1 * Repeller

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