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Cat Tree Julia Grey Paws 170cm Large Scratching Post Cat Tree Activity Centre Pet Furniture Cat Scratcher Natural Sisal

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Product Details
  • Color:
    Grey Paws
  • Manufacturer:
Product Features
  • Dimensions: about 72 x 65 x 170 cm
  • Covered with soft plush
  • 2 cosy large cat caves
  • Natural sisal rope on the scratching posts
  • Stable, freestanding, large sized activity centre for cats
Product Description
The eyepower cat play tree "Julia" is equipped with many features and is a true all-rounder, who invites your cat to play, hide, scratch and relax. The scratching post is about 170 cm high and therefore offers plenty space of sleeping, hiding, climbing and viewing. The two large, covered with soft plush caves are very cuddly and are ideal for relaxing. The platforms are also covered with plush, making the cat tree especially cozy. A best overview ensure triangular high platforms. The sisal posts are made of genuine sisal and ensure optimal care for their claws. The three bobbing play mice animate for extensive romp and play. Older cats are happy about the two stable, covered with plush conductor.

Product features: - Dimensions: about 72 x 65 x 170 cm - Freestanding cat tree with many features
- Stable and well made
- All platforms are covered with soft plush
- Sisal posts are tied with natural sisal rope
- 1 x bottom platform: about 50 x 50 cm
- 1 x central platform: about 50 x 20 cm
- 1 x cave with three windows: about 27 x 44 x 27 cm
- 1 x cave with two windows: about 27 x 27 x 27 cm
- 3 x high triangle platforms: about 39 x 29 x 6 cm
- 2 x ladder: about 16 x 40 cm
- 3 x play mice
- 6 x sisal post: ca. 7,5 cm Ø
- 4 x plush post: ca. 7,5 cm Ø
- 7 x plush post: about 4 cm Ø
- 1 x mounting set

1 x cat scratching post "Julia" for self-assembly

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