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CatastrophiCreations One Floating Sisal Cat Post Step - Handcrafted Cat Shelf

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Product Details
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Product Features
  • Hand-crafted beautiful & functional pet furniture
  • Simple to mount
  • Physically and mentally challenge your feline friend
  • Gives cats a positive outlet for their climbing and scratching needs
Product Description
Each listing is for one single floating sisal post these are bracket-less sisal posts that are meant to be used like steps. We really want to do a full wall of these, like in that old price is right game plinko.

we have three cats, each with a different size and shape. Each one of them is able to use these steps with no problem. Ickle is our hefty 7 kg cat and has surprised us most with his agility on these pieces; heisenberg is our lanky, active cat who can conquer anything; and lylah is our dainty little six-month-old kitten, who is the only one able to fully lounge on these posts. They can all jump up from below and pull themselves up onto the posts.

dimensions: total length/depth: 28 cm, base diameter: 11. 5 cm, pole diameter: 10 cm

all of oures with screws and all mounting hardware needed to install the piece. When screwed into a stud, these posts are very strong and have been tested to hold 28 kg.

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