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Lily's Kitchen Delicious Chicken Complete Natural Dry Food for Cats, 2 kg

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Product Details
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    Lily's Kitchen
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Product Features
  • Urinary health support from cranberries
  • Hairball help from plant fibre
  • Packed with freshly prepared meat
  • Complete and balanced recipe
  • Grain free recipe
Product Description
With their taste and wonderful smell of freshly cut, these delicious roasted chicken with 65% of pieces of food never run out to make your cat purr.
With their taste and wonderful smell of roasted chicken, our new delicious comprehensive in the food will make your cat accourir immediately. Prepared with 68% of freshly cut pieces of chicken farmer and animals, they enjoy and fit you will appreciate on their health benefits, as well as its Câlins Thank You Note.
Rich in good meat and cereals, meat meal, or artificial additives, these completely natural recipes contain only the finest ingredients that are beneficial to your cat. With algae Parsley that reduces the formation of dental plaque and freshens breath, these triangular food will help to give your cat with healthy teeth.
Ideal for small snacks of cats that like to carry throughout the day, these will also perfectly accompany your meals per day to complete and balanced food moist, for a diet with multiple benefits that will be both indoors and outdoors;
Rich in freshly cut pieces of meat
Healthy and balanced recipes
Grain Free
Rich in vegetable fibres that contributes to the elimination of fur balls
Contains cranberry berries that prevent diseases of the urinary tract
Glossy Coat With Omega 3 and 6, Sunflower Oil and Flax Seeds
Contains taurine essential for the protection of the eyes and & # x153; Heart
Of Probiotics that promote digestion
The herbs Suitable for general fitness and the vitamins A, D, E

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