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Almo Nature Cat Food Jelly with Chicken 70g, Pack of 24

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Product Features
  • Unique composition - one single main ingredient (75%), cooked and preserved in its own cooking water (24%), with 1% rice
  • Real free-range meat - no hormones and antibiotics used in rearing
  • Contains absolutely no additives - cats love the simple, authentic recipes
  • • high-quality wet cat food made from selected ingredients
Product Description
Almo Nature Jelly Pouches combine natural, digestible ingredients for the benefit of your kittens and cats. Jelly diets are ideal for cats with low food tolerance and for preventing hair ball ingestion, that can be problematic when left untreated in the stomach. Great for cats that prefer gelatine to liquid broth, or have sensitive digestions. Available in protein-rich chicken or tuna. ...

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