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Almo Nature Sterilised Dry Beef and Rice for Cats, 2 kg

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Product Details
  • Manufacturer:
    ALMO NATURE UK Ltd, uk pets, ALNNU
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Product Features
  • Almo Nature Sterilised Beef & Rice kibble has a controlled mineral content, which helps to lower the pH value of the cat's urine. This helps to contribute to better urinary tract health.
  • Low fat content helps maintain a healthy weight
  • Sterilized is the best formula adapted to the needs of neutered cats
  • A complete, dry food for sterilised adult cats
  • With yucca schidigera: reduces stool odour and wind
  • Rich in beef and essential minerals
  • Suitable for Regular and Neutered Cats
  • Helps avoid urinary stones from forming and improves the overall urinary tract health
Product Description
Almo Nature Holistic Sterilised Cat With Beef And Rice 2kg

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