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Holistic food - Adult cat food from 12 months, 2kg. - I think cats Rich in fresh chicken meat and potato cereals 0% - cat food without cereals

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  • But why is Zen Cat Food called holistic food? The Holistic Cat Food Zen Cat is a food with certification of the manufacturer, we will know its origin, with a guaranteed content in meat or fish, cat food cat contains no cereals, contains natural products and is certified "fit for human consumption "
  • Però has its purpose in being food for Cats. Fresh chicken 33%. Dehydrated chicken, dehydrated potato. Chicken liver hydrolyzate. Oils and fats. Garlic flour vegetable fibers, potato protein, yeast, beet pulp, dehydrated whole egg, sodium polyphosphates, inulin (0.1% FOS), Mannanoligosaccharides (MOS 0.1%) Potassium chloride, Yucca schidigera, Citrus extracts.
  • The food change should be made gradually for 7 days. Supply the food in 2 shots a day. Do not use leftover doses from the previous day. The amount of food may vary depending on the activity, breed of cat and environmental conditions. Cats should always have clean, fresh water.
Product Description
Comida gatos
Alimento completo para gatos adultos. 0% cereales.
Ingredientes: Pollo fresco (33%), pollo deshidratado, patata, aceites y grasas, hidrolizado de hígado de pollo, levaduras, pulpa de remolacha, guisantes, cloruro sódico, aceite de pescado, polifosfatos de sodio, cloruro potásico, inulina (FOS), manano-oligosacáridos, (MOS), jengibre, yucca shidigera.
Constituyentes analíticos: Proteína bruta 26,50% - Aceites y grasas brutos 16,50 % - Fibras brutas 3,25% - Ceniza bruta 8,0% - Calcio 1,40% - Fósforo 0,95%.
Presentación: Envase de 2 Kg.

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