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RHRQuality Cat Tree for large cats Kilimandjaro de Light Grey cat scratcher scratching post activity centre for large cats. Quality production from

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Product Details
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Product Features
  • European high quality from top brand RHRQuality ( Dutch design)
  • Total 35KG Quality Cat Tree for large cats. Very steady contruction. Hight 190 cm. Amazon Sales Promo
  • Hanging mat : 40cmØ and tested till 23KG (Has a 1cm thick metal ring.Strongest in the market). Sisal posts: 12cm diameter (All with wooden fittings).
  • Base stand 74 x 58 x 3,5 cm. High Quality heavy pluche. Large lying place on top 60x43x15 (Pillow of 5cm thick included).
  • All cat tree parts can be re ordered
Product Description

Cat Tree for large cats Kilimandjaro de Luxe light Grey is a very strong RHRQuality Cat Tree with 12cmØ sisal posts and all a cat can wish for.

New improved design from RHRQuality: Total new model 2018 with extra heavy and strong plush quality 600gr/m2 (40% Stronger) natural sisal full covered scratching posts. Sisal glued to the poles, Plush glued to all plates. Also cozy beautiful stitched pillow with Velcro.The new 2018 Hammock! A combination between a hammock and a pillow. The dream from every cat! Model 2018 from delivery 01-01-2018

With a Large lying place of 60x43x15 (Pillow of 5cm thick included) and 1 turnable hammock with 45cmØ lying place. This hangingmat is tested till 23 KG so strongest in the market.

The hammock is a complete new and Unique design. It is a combination between a pillow and a hammock which is very soft. (See pictures)

With a large base plate (74x58x4 cm) and below a curved stairs with sisalcarpet to scratch on.

The play house has a large entrance on the front en through the hole on top of the play house your cat can easy go through a pipe the the top floor.

Also it is easy to reach the top using the large step on the left. There is a nice play rope also.

All used sisal posts are 12cmØ so very strong and makes this cat tree stands as a house with 45KG.

Also all cat tree parts can be re ordered (Unique for all cat trees of RHRQuality)

Color: Light Grey ( Also available in Cream and dark Grey)

Base Plate: 74 x 58 and 4 cm thick.
Total hight: 180 cm.
Weight : 49 kg.

Sisal posts: 12cm diameter full sisal Hammock : 45cmØ and tested till 23KG. (This hanging mat has a extra thickmetal ring, so strongest in the market)

With a Large lying place on top of 60x43x15 (Pillow of 5cm thick included. Velco on the plate, see pictures)

This Cat Tree is a high quality product. Designed in Holland

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