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casa pura® Tiger Eye Pollution Free Sisal Rug 200x150cm | Non-Slip Latex Backing, Black - In 4 widths

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Product Details
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    casa pura
Product Features
  • Produced in Germany, to the highest of quality standards, this rug is breathable, anti-static, robust and sturdy, adding an elegant look with very low maintenance. Can be vacuumed frequently, brushed or shaken.
  • Ideal for cat owners, sisal fibres are strong enough to sharpen your cats claws whilst staying completely in tact, even after years of your cat using it as a scratching post!
  • Equipped with a non-slip latex backing which prevents the rug from slipping on both hard floors or carpet.
  • Made from 100% sustainably harvested sisal which is a stronger natural fibre than jute or coir, this is the perfect rug to stand the test of time even under high traffic.
  • The uniquely woven tiger eye structure adds a gorgeous tonal colour and a natural texture to your home décor, blending in well with any colour scheme.
Product Description

casa pura® Tiger Eye Pollution Free Natural Sisal Rug with Non-Slip Latex Backing

Take a deep breath and embrace the clean air of the great outdoors in your home with these sisal rugs from casa pura. Made from 100% sustainably sourced sisal fibres and not treated with harsh chemicals, these sisal rugs will keep your indoor air clean and fresh while adding a gorgeous textured statement feature to any room. Combined with different colours and patterns in your home, sisal rugs really come alive and blend beautifully with any room, adding texture and a rustic edge without taking away from your current decor.

Woven to create a uniquely attractive Tiger Eye structure, these sisal rug combines natural brown tones with golden hues to create a beautiful tonal effect which appears slightly darker and richer than most sisal rugs.

Strong and robust, yet timelessly elegant, sisal rugs definitely add a certain "je ne sais quoi" to any decor. Although they are plain and simple, they represent an effortless kind of beauty which can only be found in nature.

At a glance

- Environmentally friendly: As a natural fibre, sisal is 100% biodegradable and will not omit toxic gases
- Incredibly durable, suitable for heavy traffic and resists endless abuse from pets claws
- Hypoallergenic, sisal rugs are perfect for those who suffer from allergies
- Natural fibres help to control humidity, retaining their plant properties
- 100% anti static
- Backing: Latex coated
- Available widths: 66cm, 80cm,100cm, 200cm

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