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Grey Cat Kitten Corner Scratching Post Scratcher No Sisal Activity Climbing Toy Furniture & Wall Guard

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Product Details
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Product Features
  • No Sisal Rope - Longer Life - Scratching Straps For your Cat to enjoy scratching longer
  • Corner Scratching Post Free Standing or Attached to Wall- furniture and walls guard
  • Dimensions: Height - 60cm, Base diameter - 20cm - 6 Colours available in our shop - check for other scratching posts
  • High Quality - Strong Construction - Durability - Safety For Walls and Furniture
  • Depending on your cat strength it can be free standing corner scratching post or can be attached to the wall - fixings included
Product Description
Scratching Post is an essential part of your home if you have a cat. It makes your cat happy and your walls and furniture safe and sound. We are cats owners and the manufacturer who designs and creates them knows cat's world and their needs very well. Scratching Posts are made of very good materials which give them stability and durability. Traditional sisal rope has been replaced by special scrathing straps (innovative solution) which allows cats to enjoy scratching much longer. Scratching is a normal part of cat behaviour and serves several functions including conditioning of the claws, providing a means of stretching and acting as a marker (scent and visual). Cats like to scratch! The act of scratching actually removes frayed and worn outer claws exposing new sharper ones. Colours might vary due to the monitor display settings Scratching straps can have different colour then in the pictures

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