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Bell for Cats (12 Pack) Strongest & Loudest Bell for Cat Collar Set by Muzitao

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Product Features
  • Includes 4 x small keyrings (15mm) and 4 x large keyrings (20mm).
  • Super strong bell for cats set. Continuous stainless steel construction.
  • Includes 4 x large bells (16mm), 4 x medium bells (14mm) and 4 x small bells (12mm).
  • Loudest collar bell available - hang in pairs or threes for maximum loudness.
  • Bell for cats or also dog bells collar fits too. Tailor the configuration for your pet.
Product Description
Muzitao Bell for Cats

Strongest Bell for Cats Set

The most common complaint you'll see about cat bells is that they break easily. This is mainly because the holes on the bells are soldered on weakly or the clip used is weak and they bells break off when the cat scrathes it.

Our cat bells are super strong with no solder or welding in the construction, which means the bell will NEVER break off at the hole. We use old school keyrings too, which everyone knows are the strongest way to secure the bells. We all use them for keys, right?

Loudest Bell for Cat Collar Set

The second biggest complaint we hear is that the bells are not loud enough. Our bells are loud enough. However, the best way to make them super loud is to put at least two or three bells on the same keyring. Single bells are quiet and only make a slight tinkle. Two bells has a dramatic effect on the volume and three bell even more so.

Also Good Dog Bell Collar Set

Obviously these bell aren't just for cats. You can use them for dogs or any animal really.

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