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Unihubys Cat Harness with Leash Set- Adjustable Soft Mesh Material with Strong D-Ring for Peace of Mind, Great for Walking, Travel or Visiting the Vet without Escape (M)

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Product Details
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Product Features
  • INCLUDED DURABLE LEASH matches the vest in its beautiful beige color; both the leash and harness are easily cleaned if they get dirty - simple use water to rub and wash away any stains; combined with the strong D-ring, your cat isn't going anywhere
  • PERFECT FIT FOR ALL WEATHER inside or outside - let your kitty walk, travel, visit family or the vet comfortably, the water resistant material beads off water so your cat's mood will stay positive; use the bundled chart to get the right fit
  • GET OUT THERE AND EXERCISE with peace of mind; just like walking a dog, walk your cat outside without a worry; let your furry friend stretch their legs and enjoy some fresh air; regular exercise is important to reduce obesity and health problems
  • BREATHABLE MESH MATERIAL is perfect for the hottest days, allowing your pet to stay relaxed and calm without overheating; super soft padding in the harness also prevents uncomfortable pulling of their fur or tightness on the neck, enhancing safety
  • SECURE LONG-LASTING FIT for your cat that prevents him/her from escaping; adjustable Velcro material in the neck and chest area provide a comfortable fit and a plastic buckle provides extra security; your furry friend is not going to get away this time
Product Description

Go Out and Enjoy the World
Introducing the first cat harness that your cat will like! The cat harness is made to be comfortable (and not scary) for your furry friend. Using a breathable mesh material and padding, it fits perfectly around the neck and chest without suffocating your cat. A plastic - but strong - buckle at the neck provides an extra layer of security in case your cat escapes from the Velcro enclosure!

All-Weather Material
In addition to breathable mesh material that's perfect for the hottest of days, the super strong outer material is water resistant. What does that mean? It means you and your cat can get wet and messy without yucky smells and stains tarnishing the beautiful beige color of this harness. Simply use water to wash and rub out all the stains to make the cat harness look new again.

Looks, Comfort, and Security
Ever wonder what it would be like to go on a walk with your cat? How about a hike? A visit to the beach? Yes, it is possible! The harness is designed to fit perfectly around slim and flexible feline bodies for a secure hold. Make sure to look at the size chart and compare the listed chest and neck girth with your furry friend's. Enjoy outdoor recreation and build a strong bond with your cat.

Size S: Chest girth: 27-31cm, Neck girth:18-22cm, Leash size:150cm
Size M: Chest girth: 28-37cm, Neck girth:22-25cm, Leash size:150cm
Size L: Chest girth: 36-41cm, Neck girth:26-33cm, Leash size:150cm

Package content
1 set vest harness
1 set nylon Leash

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