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Silent Roar Lion Manure - Cat Repellant

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Product Details
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Product Features
  • As cats are territorial, even the bravest will retreat with they smell a lion
  • In the box you will receive a 0.5kg boc of Silent Roar
  • One appilcation can last up to three months during normal weather conditions
  • An environmentally-friendly product which contains no artifical chemicals
  • The pellets are soaked in real essence of lion dung, dried and sterilised
  • Keep lovingly tendered borders free from cats' poops
Product Description
The product works based on the territorial chain in the cat kingdom when your mischievous neighbourhood moggy smells that the king of the jungle has been passed it thinks twice before entering the confines of your garden. This great lion roar product is based on pellets which have been soaked in the real essence of lion dung. In addition to its cat repellant properties Silent Roar is a nitrogen based fertiliser which helps leaves to grow and keeps them luscious. Silent Roar is great for the environment as it has no harmful chemicals in it and an application of this fabulous deterrent will be effective up to three months. For best results remove previous cat mess and replace with silent roar pellets. If the cats continue to come back just keep playing them at their own game by removing mess and laying pellets. The idea is that the cats won't want to compete with a larger predator for their territory. It is best to wear gloves to stop human scent being transferred to the pellets. 0.5kg

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